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Ultitech, Inc.

WILLIAM J. COMCOWICH, president, has 14 years experience in producing interactive and video programs and has produced over 100 interactive multimedia programs for training and customer education. He is former Chairman of the Interactive Multimedia Association, the international trade association of the multimedia industry, and currently serves on the Board of Directors.

He has developed interactive and video programs for major corporations such as American Express, SmithKline Beecham; Glaxo Wellcome, Inc.; AT&T Bell Laboratories; Miles Pharmaceuticals; ICI Americas and Merck & Co. He has also served as communications consultant to smaller start-up companies.

He served for eighteen years as Vice President and Creative Director of Effective Communication Arts, Inc. , one of the pioneering producers of interactive multimedia programs. Previously, he served as head of public affairs for The Rockefeller University. He also served as director of public relations and employee communications for Bridgeport Hospital, an affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine. He is former president of the Academy of Hospital Public Relations.

He has earned numerous national awards for multimedia and video production and has written many journal articles including "Integrating Multimedia into Business Strategies for the '90s" in NAB Multimedia News , "How to Protect the Creative Team" in CBT Directions, and "Expert Systems: A New Era in Videodiscs" in E-ITV. He has been a featured speaker at Comdex, the National Association of Broadcasters, ImageWorld, SALT, and many other national conferences.

He is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross with a double major in English and Philosophy.

ANN MARIE DUNN, Operations Manager, is responsible for production management and administrative functions. With eight years of production management experience and three years in managing a full-service video production facility, she has produced numerous sponsored film and video programs for industrial and business clients in diverse industries including insurance, health, business products, communications, and packaged goods. She is a graduate of Providence College.

UltiTech utilizes the staffing model of film and television production. That model maintains a small core staff to develop business strategy, supervise creative development, oversee marketing and finance, and manage projects. The company hires freelance creative personnel (writers, directors, cinematographers, art directors, and computer programmers) as needed for production. The freelance creative personnel under the direction of Mr. Comcowich are selected from established pools in major metropolitan areas. This approach assures that the talents of each creative person assigned to a project are well-suited to the needs of the project.


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