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Ultitech, Inc.

UltiTech, Inc. is a full-service designer, developer, and producer of custom electronic media programs for marketing and sales, communications, education and training, and performance support. UltiTech is publisher of Medicine OnLine, a commercial medical information service on the Internet. The company also serves as consultant to major corporations, advertising agencies, publishers, and not-for-profit organizations on use of interactive multimedia to achieve organizational goals.

UltiTech specializes in development of interactive programs including computer software tools, multimedia applications, decision-support programs, expert systems, Internet and online services, and audience response systems.

The company's mission is to design and produce interactive multimedia programs that sell more, teach better, and improve performance.

As consultant and producer of interactive multimedia programs, UltiTech offers its clients a unique set of capabilities:

UNRIVALED EXPERIENCE...Specialization in developing and producing interactive multimedia for professional and customer education. Since 1981, the UltiTech staff has produced over 100 successful multimedia programs. Extraordinarily knowledgeable about multimedia in employee training and customer education.

CREATIVE EXCELLENCE...The body of work by the UltiTech staff reveals an exceptional ability to design and produce effective, high impact programs that meet and exceed client goals and expectations. UltiTech designs programs that offer educational substance, along with challenging and entertaining interactivity. The UltiTech staff has a proven record of developing innovative solutions for training and customer education. UltiTech has pioneered now-standard multimedia interactive designs and has earned major national and international awards for interactive programs.

SUPERIOR TECHNICAL SKILLS...UltiTech employs high-level computer programmers who are skilled in vitually all major programming languages, including C and C++, Windows programming and many of the multimeida authoring systems such as Authorware, Quest, TenCore, Icon Author, Macromind Director and others. With its broad technical skills, UltiTech is able to develop interactive programs on virtually any hardware-software platform including: PC, Mac, interactive laserdisc, CD-I, CD-ROM/XA, Sony MMCD and other specialized systems.

HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT...Proven performance in developing interactive programs that meet and exceed current standards for employee training and buyer education.

SUCCESSFUL PRODUCTS...Long-term, consistent record of developing products that achieve extraordinary training success.

GOOD VALUE...Although not a low-cost producer, UltiTech delivers more production value on screen for each dollar invested.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE... customer-focused staff that is extremely responsive to customer needs — and delivers on time as promised. Never missed a show date!

OPEN, COLLABORATIVE WORKING RELATIONSHIPS...based on mutual knowledge and respect. No prima donna behavior.

UltiTech utilizes advanced cost accounting systems and provides clients with detailed line-item budgets, enabling strict financial control over complex interactive programs. The combination of high-quality productions, rigorous budget control and on-time delivery means that UltiTech delivers exceptional value to every client.

UltiTech delivers an unmatched combination of creative design, high-quality production, rigorous budget control and on-time delivery. The result is a notable record of effective and successful programs that meet and exceed client objectives and expectations.


PROGRAM ANALYSIS: Assessment of needs, goals and audiences; development of criteria and strategies; evaluation of distribution methods; formulation of performance measures.

PROGRAM DESIGN AND EVALUATION: Content research and development; instructional and interactive design; storyboards; scriptwriting; script evaluation; schedule and budget development.

FILM AND VIDEO PRODUCTION: Total production management; casting, location and studio videotaping and/or filming; design, development and production of graphics, animation, and special effects; artwork; music; full-service videotape and film editing; film and videotape transfers; supervision of disc replication.

COMPUTER SOFTWARE: Flowcharts and computer programming; simulations and testing. Developed in programming languages including C++ or authoring systems including Authorware, IconAuthor, Director, TenCore, Quest, and others.

HARDWARE: Specify, install and maintain all components for interactive systems(videodisc player, computer, monitor, interfaces, memory storage devices such as CD-ROM and controlling devices such as joysticks, keyboard, light pen or touch sensitive screen). Evaluation of system components.

ANCILLARY SERVICES: Supervision of exhibit installation; writing and design of allied print pieces such as operating instructions, sales training materials and promotional flyers. Creation of promotional and public relations programs to increase viewership.

INTERACTIVE MEETINGS: Create and implement interactive conferences and symposia for audiences of 15 to 1,500 using electronic audience systems with each audience member using a keypad to respond to questions.


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