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Pet Meds: Shopping for Discount Pet Medications

Should you buy your pet meds from your veterinarian or an online pet medicine pharmacy? For prescriptions to treat emergency or urgent conditions such as infections or pain from an injury, it is best to buy your pet medications directly from your veterinarian. That way, your pet gets immediate benefit from the pet meds your vet prescribed.

However, for pet prescriptions that involve long-term care or on-going treatment, you can often obtain substantial savings on the cost of pet meds by ordering pet medicine online. Many online suppliers of pet medicines offer a full range of discount pet meds for non-emergency conditions. As a result, it can be quite convenient and cost-effective to purchase your pet's prescription meds online.

It's important, however, to first visit your veterinarian and get a prescription for your pet's medication. This assures that you will obtain the most appropriate medicine for your pet's condition. Most veterinarians will transfer your pet meds prescription to a reputable online pet pharmacy. Just tell your veterinarian and the front-desk staff that the online pet pharmacy you selected will be calling them to obtain your pet's prescription information. You should tell the veterinarian's staff how much you appreciate their cooperation in supplying the prescription information to your online pet pharmacy for the pet medicines the veterinarian has prescribed.

You can then use the written pet meds prescription to order the medicine from the online pet pharmacy you selected. The pet meds pharmacy will contact your veterinarian to confirm the prescription(s) before shipping the pet medicines you ordered.

Summary: 1. Obtain pet meds directly from your veterinarian to treat emergency or urgent conditions. 2. Consider using a reputable online pet pharmacy to obtain discount pet medicines for long-term care and on-going treatment.