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Integrated Medical Marketing & Education on the Internet

"Integrated Medical Marketing on the Internet" is an interactive multimedia presentation for the education of individuals with an interest in or responsibility for developing integrated marketing programs for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or medical services on the Internet.

The core of the presentation was first delivered at the annual meeting of the Medical Marketing Association in June 1998 in Seattle.

The speaker is William J. Comcowich, President and Creative Director of UltiTech, Inc. in Stratford, CT. Mr. Comcowich has over 20 years' of experience in medical marketing and 15 years in developing interactive multimedia and online programs. In 199 7, he was selected as one of the country's Top 100 Producers by A/V Video and Multimedia Producer magazine.

The presentation is divided into three parts:

  • I) Strategic Overview and Internet Marketplace is approximately 35 minutes in length and contains 66 slides.

  • II) Life Cycle of an Effective Website for Medical Marketing is approximately 45 minutes in length with some 70 slides.

  • III) Banner Advertising and E-mail, the third section of the presentation, will be posted here on or about August 1, 1998

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The presentation is a slide/lecture using the RealPlayer software, 5.0 or G2 beta, from Real Networks. In order to listen to the presentation, you will need the RealPlayer software. The RealPlayer logo will connect you to the download site.

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