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Higher CR Rates — Longer Overall Survival

1994 - A review of three pivotal US trials


Total Dose of
IDA and Ara-C[4]

Trial design differences[4]

Response rates
after 1-2 cycles.[4]

Berman et al[1]


IDA 36 mg/m"
Ara-C 1000 mg/m"

  • Excluded pts > 60 yrs; median age, 36yrs; range (17-60) yrs
  • Excluded pts with preexisting myelodysplastic syndrome > 3 months
  • Maintenance randomized in 1st 50 pt only

Complete remission
(IDA v DNR): 80% v 58% (P=.005)
Overall survival-significant
improvement (P=.025)

Wiernick et al[2]


IDA 39 mg/m"
Ara-C 700 mg/m"

  • No upper limit; median age, 56 yrs; range (18-85 yrs); 39% > 60 yrs)
  • No maintenance

Complete response rates
(IDA v DNR); 70% v 59% (P=.08)
Pts < 60: 83% v 68% (P=.055)
Overall survival-significant
improvement (P=.038)

Vogler et al[3]


IDA 36 mg/m"
Ara-C 700 mg/m"

  • No upper age limits; median age, 60 yrs; range (15-80 yrs); (50% > 60 yrs)
  • Maintenance

Overall remission
(IDA v DNR); 71% v 58% (P=.03)
Pts < 60: 79% v 63% (P=.06)
Overall survival-no significant
difference between the arms

Less Resistant Disease

Signicantly fewer patients with persistent blasts on the IDAMYCIN arm in every study.

Blast Study

"[Idarubicin] is equivalent, if not superior, to [daunorubicin] in the induction of remisssions and possible prolongation of survival."[3]

Improved Survival in AML Subtype: APL

Responses in acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) with IDAMYCIN in the regimen.

No. newly diagnosed APL pts

APL response with IDA

Avvista et al[5]


82% achieve CR

Berman et al.[6]


IDA/ARA-C use - a signigicant factor
for improved survival (P=.01)

"These data suggests that IDR/Ara-C offers improved survival for APL patients."[6]

An Equivalent Safety Profile

"Intravenous idarubicin in patients with newly diagnosed AML produces the same degree of nonhematologic toxicity as does daunorubicin, including the potential for cardiotoxicity at high total doses.[4]


IDAMYCIN provides patients options for postinduction therapy

"Nonetheless, even if the compound [idarubicin] represents only an incremental improvement, it give more patients the opportunity for more intensive postinduction therapy, such as bone marrow transplantation, or innovative approaches to eradicating minimal residual disease, such as the use of recombinant interleukin-2."[4]


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