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This discussion group is named "MOL-Cancer" and functions primarily as a patient support group in the subject area of cancer. The group is open to anyone interested in cancer treatment discussion. Every participant is able to view the archives of previous messages and to post questions, answers, files, and information into the discussion group without prior review.

The Discussion Group is not moderated — that is, all submitted messages are posted automatically with no prior editorial review. All messages, therefore, represent the individual opinions of each contributor. Medicine OnLine, its owner UltiTech, Inc. and its sponsors, do not assume any responsibility for the contents of the Discussion Group. Medicine OnLine, UltiTech, Inc. and its sponsors specifically DISCLAIM AND EXCLUDE ALL EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES AS TO QUALITY, ACCURACY, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE of the information contained in the Discussion Group. The user assumes TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK for use of any information contained in Medicine OnLine, in its Discussion Groups, or any areas on the Internet indicated by pointers from Medicine OnLine. The Medicine OnLine Terms & Conditions apply to this Discussion Group.

Medicine OnLine and UltiTech, Inc. reserve the right to exclude anyone from participation in the "MOL-Cancer" Discussion Group and will exercise that right to exclude individuals who post off-topic or inappropriate information, use the Discussion Group to post advertisements in any form, use vulgarity in posted messages, or exhibit other conduct that is offensive to members of the group. Medicine OnLine and UltiTech, Inc. also reserve the right to exclude any messages from the archives of the Discussion Group for any reason whatsoever.

MOL-Cancer Archive Lists:

We have changed the software for the MOL-CANCER forum.
Here are the new instructions to unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe from the MOL-CANCER on the list server, send mail using the email from the user_name that is on the mail list subscription mol-cancer list

    Note: Leave subject blank
In body of message type in...
unsubscribe mol-cancer user_name
The user_name is in form
Example message in body text:
unsubscribe mol-cancer

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