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Internet Sites to See -- Interesting "stuff" done in an interesting way. Mostly to do with "cool things" for the Web.

Cool Site of the Day

Silcon Graphics' Silicon Surf

Shareware.com -- Find and download all sorts of shareware software.

Internet Conference Calendar

RealAudio -- The software you need to hear realtime audio on the Internet.

InterNIC Directory Services -- Look up e-mail address and location of people registered on the InterNIC service.

Internet Spam Control Center -- Free removal of your e-mail address from junk e-mail lists.

No Junk E-Mail -- Another opportunity for free removal of your e-mail address from junk e-mail lists.

Internet Tools, Browsers, and Viewers -- Good selection of downloadable software.

Freeware and Shareware Sites -- Collection of hotlinked sites that offer freeware and shareware.

ZD-Net -- Sophisticated site with loads of information on computers and the Internet -- even can design your own personal news service.

E-Mail Discussion Groups -- Searchable databases of ListServ Discussion Groups on the Internet. Help files explain how to use Discussion Groups and their archives.

The List -- List of Internet Service Providers searchable by name and location with detailed information about services and charges. Good way to find the low-cost local connections for your area.

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