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Health Information for Patients

Merck Manual --The most widely used medical text in the world, electronic version.

First Aid Online

HealthAnswers --Describe your symptoms and get useful information about cause and treatment including access to health information through a comprehensive data base.

Family Internet --Plain language and responses a patient would like to receive from their doctor about symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

Mayo Health O@sis Library --Helpful First Aid information from the world-class medical institution, The Mayo Clinic.

MedAccess --A health resources locator site to help you find healthcare services in your area.

U.S.News:America's Top HMOs and Best Hospitals --An objective quality comparison of HMOs and hospitals by region and nationwide.

MedicineNet--A patient oriented educational site.

MedWeb: Consumer Health Information -- listing of Internet links to consumer health information. Developed by Emory University.

National and State Healthcare Organizations

Internet Health Newsgroups and Listserve Groups

Guide to Medical Information and Support on the Internet --Information on using the Internet to obtain medical resources, including information on how to access medical chats, online doctors, medical listservs and newsgroups.

Health Information for International Travelers -- Vaccination and health information from the Centers for Disease Control

National Health Information Center -- Wide variety of publications and information from the Public Health Service.

Health Information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) -- Lots of patient information on cancer and AIDS from the NIH

Glossary of Medical Terms

Go Ask Alice -- Health information from Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in Q&A Format with answers from health educators. Emphasis on sex-related and drug-related topics.

Professional Services -- Answers to frequently asked questions about specific diseases and an "Ask the Doctor" feature. Currently free, but will be a subscription service.

The New York State Department of Health Gopher

PracticeLink's Time-Saving Guide to Medical Links

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