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Discovery Channel Online

ParkSearch -- Courtesy of L.L. Bean, provides information on 900 national parks with a very good search engine.

Ticketmaster On Line -- Order tickets to concerts, sporting events, and more.

Stadiums and Arenas -- Seating plans for all major venues in the US and Canada. Check it out before you buy online tickets.

World Wide Arts Resources -- Superb collection of online resources in the visual arts.

11th Hour -- Interactive game from Virgin Interactive

Virtual Vineyards -- A tour of 38 vineyards and ability to order.

Pathfinder -- Time Warner's electronic magazine incorporating the print magazines and much more.

OnLine Museums and Exhibits -- Maintained at the University of North Carolina

'96 Olympic Games in Atlanta -- Memories and the torch is passed to upcoming game sites.

Hollywood Online -- The inside scoop on current films

Interactive Web Games -- The Yahoo Listing of games on the Web, including crossword puzzles, board, interactive and multiplayer games. We never play them, so we can't recommend them.

Puzzles on the Web -- The Yahoo list of puzzles, some of them quite intellectually challenging.

Musi-Cal -- Calendar of musical events in US and Canada

Electronic Newstand -- Magazines, newsletters, and more.

Journal of Nursing Jocularity -- Treasure trove of inside nursing humor, articles, real-life stories, jokes and cartoons.

Congressional E-Mail Directory -- Contact your senators and congressmen through e-mail and their own home pages. (Entertainment is the right category for these guys, isn't it?)

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