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European Cancer Conference, September 14-18, 1997, Hamburg Germany

This Conrad Notes report on the European Cancer Conference presents succinct analysis of key presentations on cancer, colon cancer, colorectal cancer, cancer pain, and other issues in cancer research and cancer care.

  • Tumor Suppression by Angiogenesis Disruption - L.Y. Dirix

  • Tumor Antiangiogenesis: Combrestatin A-4 (COA-4) - D. Chaplin

  • Colorectal Cancer Prognosis Using IMD Examination - P. Vermeulen

  • Update on Cancer Pain Management - F. De Conno

  • Improving Clinical Studies on Anticancer Agents - P. Therasse

  • New Therapies for Advanced Colorectal Cancer - E. Cvitkovic

  • CPT-11 and De Gramont Regimen for Colorectal Cancer - P. Rougier

  • Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma - Y. Shimizu

  • CPT-11 in Childhood Solid Tumors - F. Pein

  • T-Cell Activation as Cancer Treatment - S.E. Nielsen

  • Patient Needs and Preferences - K. Redmond

  • Improving Doctor-Patient Communication - A. Gaisser

    The European Cancer Conference Meeting Report of Conrad Notes is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Pharmacia & Upjohn.

    Pharmacia & Upjohn

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