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Conrad Notes

APHA '98 (American Public Health Association) Meeting Report on Treatment of AIDS — November 17, 1998

This Conrad Notes report on APHA'98 includes brief summaries of two panel presentations on HIV/AIDS treatment costs, adherence, antiretroviral drugs, Medicare, Medicaid, and injection drug users.

Johns Hopkins Results - J.G. Bartlett

The RAND Study - S.A. Bozzette

Federal Funding - T.R. Graydon

Remarks From The Chair - E.M. Daniels

One Patient's Views - D. Barr

Some Thoughts From NAPWA - A.C. Baker

Treating Injection Drug Users - G.H. Friedland

Presenter References - D. Barr and B. Lubin

This APHA'98 Report of Conrad Notes is cosponsored by ULTITECH, Inc., and CONRAD GROUP, Inc.

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