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Will be glad when things slow down a little and I can be online a little more. Tired of all this cold weather and snow too. Starting to get cabin fever! Had a great Christmas although very hectic. Daddy didn't want to get out in the cold (we seem to be stuck at staying under 20 degrees). So right   after noon dinner I fixed him 2 plates and my daughter, her hubby and their daughter went to daddy's. He had waited on my "leftovers" so he was pretty hungry.     (by the way---I don't NEED fat---I want to DONATE some.....)
I know you  pray for all of us as I'm sure all of us pray for you. Glad you had a peaceful Christmas and hope you have a New Year filled with Love, Peace and Good Health...
Daddy is doing OK. His brother in TX died yesterday morn from emphysema so I know he's hurting inside but won't show it--knows he's not up to the trip for the funeral, which wouldn't help U. Luke anyway--and feeling badly that he wasn't able to go see him in hospital. I took some supper and spent a few hours with him last night. I think he's somewhat depressed due to weather and being cooped up but knows he has to for his health. So he does take care of himself. Supposed to get to 40 degrees at end of week so he might go in town. I got him an emergency cell phone to take in car and we'll all feel better now. He doesn't have the strength to change a tire now so I worried about him driving but he needs his independence too. This phone has no monthly plan but will call 911 (as will any cell phone -it's a law) and will make collect, credit card and prepaid debit card calls. He seemed to like the idea of it. Didn't mean to write a book. Please remind us when hearings are so we can storm the Heavens with prayer for your family.   And.....
                     Happy New Year Everyone             Pat Kimmi
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Good to see you on line, how was your holiday?  I know it had to have been wonderful with all your little one's running around.