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[MOL] throat swelling

My mother had cancer of the soft palate in 1996 and received 6 weeks of
radiation therapy. The radiation was directed in the jaw and throat area.
Her cancer has been in remission now for almost 4 years. However, the side
effects of the radiation have caused her throat to swell to the point where
she can not eat. Her physician has tried twice to enlarge the opening so she
can pass food normally, but it has not worked and he is very pessimistic
about any other options. She has a feeding tube in her abdomen and receives
liquid nutrition externally, so she isn't starving, but if there is any way
to re-open the throat and keep it open, we would like to hear about it.

She has been treated at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, so we know she is
receiving the best possible treatment. However, her physician has not
offered us any hope as yet, and it is hard for us to believe that there is
NOTHING that can be done. Does anyone have any information on this
condition? Or know of any physicians or other health care practitioners who
could help us?

My mother does not have Internet access, which is why I'm writing. Any
information would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Jill Scoggins
San Antonio, Texas
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