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[MOL] My father...progress!

Well after these last weeks of illness, hospitalization, and severe pain, 
things are finally looking up again. My father says the pain in his feet and 
legs are gone now (two weeks after the doc took him off thalidomide).  He is 
finally out of bed and getting around - even going up to bed again at night - 
just naps on the cot during the day so he only has to go up and down once 
daily.  He is eating well, taking an interest in food and crossword puzzles 
again, and in a better mood.

Virginia (his wife, my stepmother) is feeling badly with a nasty cold though, 
so I almost see the next hurdle with my Dad coming.  Hopefully the doc will 
catch that though - my father can't pretend he doesn't have a cold and hide 
it from her, like he does all his side-effects.  Thanks to all for the 
powerful prayers and wish everyone here the best, brightest, happiest, 
holiest, healthiest, most hopeful New Year ever!  -Please be safe if you are 
going out this holiday.  -chris 
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