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Re: [MOL] mesothelioma. / REPLY

Thanks for the info.  I'm surprised about the different diagnosis by different cancer centers.  How do we know which one to trust?  The treatment options vary significantly and my dad has been through so much already.  Does your friend have mesotheliomia or NSCLC?  Also, do you know if it is common for patients with this to be disorientated one day and then perfectly normal the next?  Initially we thought this was from the chemo but he has not had it for about 3 weeks now.  Thank you for your help, it is most appreciated.  
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Subject: [MOL] mesothelioma. / REPLY

Dear Friend:  Please go to this URL address as it will lead you to much information regarding Mesothelioma.
Please know that even though it is confusing that you have two different diagnosis from two replicable cancer centers this easily can happen.  If you went to 10 specialist you could have several different opinions; but were more on the same course then that would give you your answer. The more knowledge acquired the better the decision.
You did not mention what grade your father's cancer is.
I also want to mention that SCLC quite often does not respond to certain  chemo's.  Most doctors are two and three pronging the chemo's as some chemo's boost other chemo's effectiveness.
And lastly I wish to tell you that a friend of mine has only a 3 inch scar and no broken ribs.  So if surgery is elected then make sure the surgeon is so apt That he/she is able to do as little damage as possible.
In the site I sent you it covers all the various treatments for this cancer.  If I may be of further help, just ask.  Warmly, lillian