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     Yes my name is Dean, and I am a female...hehe. My dad named me, and he didn't even what a boy, so why the name??  Well it was his favorite aunts name, soo...  I find it a pleasure to be the caregiver, as my hubby did such great job of caring for me when I was so sick, ( 5yrs of it with an ongoing crohns attack), so to be able to return the  treatment to him is great!!! GOD blessed me so very much, as he lent me a "Mr. Perfect" for how ever long we have together. I know allot of woman may not say that about their husbands, but I'm the spoiled one in this marriage, and at least I'm honest about Prayers all around and big hugs!!  xo Dean
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Is Dean your name
I hope God gives you the strength to continue caring for your husband. I to
am a cancer survivor, but I don't have a caregiver. I've always been the
caregiver in the family, so my family don't know how to care for me. It's too
much for them sometimes. I get sad because I guess I spoiled them, but I
enjoyed doing it anyway.
Take time for a tea/water break so you keep your strength up. Enjoy your
holiday and enjoy each other. One thing cancer makes us appreciate time much
Agape'  Carol K