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[MOL] Diagnosis of Primary Cancer Type

My dad was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer stage IIIB with a pleural effusion.   The only treatment option provided was that of chemotherapy.  He received carboplatin and taxol for several months however the scan showed that the tumor continued to grow.  I talked to the doctor about some other options and he suggested changing the chemo to gemcide however didn't seem too excited about pursuing other options.  My dad started the gemcide however we also decided to go to another place for a second opinion on treatment options.  The second place says they are not so sure it is lung cancer.  They think it is mesothelioma.  They suggested and he is now scheduled to have a major surgery where they cut the ribs to take out a piece of the lining of the lung for a biopsy.  Apparently this mesothelioma cancer is a rare and difficult type of cancer to diagnose. 
Has anyone else out there had a similar type of situation whereby they diagnosis and treat you for one type of cancer then a different place thinks it is a different type of cancer?   I guess I'm a little surprised as both places are recognized as being comprehensive cancer centers.