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Re: [MOL] low blood count

Niki, The same happened to my hubby when he was going through they gave him a shot each week. The name of the shot starts with a P, Pro-something-( maybe procit), it is advertised on tv in pill form all the time.This medicine rebuilds red blood cells. Your mother should be getting this from her chemo dr. ask for it!!!!! Why the dr. hasn't given it to her already I don't understand... prayers to all my molor friends   xo Dean hubby has his radio surgery, for his brain tumor, on Jan. 3rd, (he's already had the 15 radiation for the same tumor), Molors keep him in your prayers please, and then maybe this will be it for awhile, and that he will start to recover some, from all this. His dr. told us that after this he will send him for a pet scan.
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Sent: Tuesday, December 26, 2000 9:21 PM
Subject: [MOL] low blood count

my mother who has cancer in both lungs, went in for a blood test today (her week off) and was told her blood count was 2.1 and possible she won't receive chemo next week.  we understand how it went down, but the nurse did not offer any resolution to the problem.  do we just wait until the count comes back up?  is there anything to help it along?   thank you