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Re: [MOL] Carol K

I have been on steroids for over five year's now and I look like Humpty Dumpty.  Just waiting for a retake of that film and I will apply! When I first went on steroids I was like a sweet freak, if I went into a grocery store my eyes would light up and twinkle like stars  My feet would go into a rymthymatic motion with out stretched arms heading for the donut section.  Thank God I am over that; but I rarely go into any store that has any kind of sweets.  I simply can not tempt myself nor trust myself.  I am now staying at a steady weight, wish I could loose some.  Well okay a whole lot!  Our little Chris could use weight, say she might want a fat transplant?
Doctors I think are afraid to tell us all the side effects of drugs, we might choose not to take the drugs on them or they might feel the benefits out weigh the side effects.  Well sweetie, I don't know about you; but which is worse getting cancer again or having a stroke?  Your right neither!
I just got over an edema attack, I landed in the emergency room, couldn't breathe.  Now I am on a heart med and a water pill.  Since taking the water pill I don't feel so crowded inside.  I am in your age bracket by the way.  When this all first happened my daughter was pregnant.  She would say something like I think the baby has dropped.  I would reply I wish mine did!  So you are not alone even though we hate mirrors and think we are the only person in the world with a shape like this.  Perhaps we could start a club, you name it?.
Just all these different ailments is enough to depress anyone; so I have to work very hard in helping my Zoloft help me!  I count my blessings each morning....and God bless this chubby little toe, God bless my alligator skin, God is that hair growing down the side of my face, oh well, God bless it too.  Most of all God bless ME!!!!!  You think growing up is hard to do, think about always being taught we are all unique individuals, damn we sure are aren't we?  I am thinking, I am hoping this is hell and we go straight to heaven, pleezzzze God bless me!
Your friend, lillian