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Re: [MOL] Uses & Dosage/ Carol K. Drugs

Thank you so much for the information. You know all my doctors know what I'm
taking why didn't they warn me. And on top of those, I also had the 5
epidural steroid injections. Now my ankles are swelling. I've gained 25 lb.
in 3 wks not because of food. I feel nauseated most of the time. I laugh
because if I were younger, I'd swear I was pregnant. Even the smell of food
yuk. Except I want to eat sweets, and then my stomach hurts so I'm trying not
to eat sweets.
Growing up isn't fun, why didn't we understand that as teenagers At least for
me I couldn't wait to be 21 now I don't mind the age of 56 but I hate the
Thank You again I'll get busy reading those articles I'll print them and take
them to my doctor.
Carol K