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Great news for your husband. I'm sure you're relieved from the report that
the tumor was benign. No, I don't take Zocor or Foxome. I take Oxycondin 20
mg time released 2 per day, Oxylir 5mg (another type of Oxycodone) 1 every 4
hrs, Zanaflex 4 mg 1 every 8 hrs, Zoloft 100 mg 1 am, Pamelar 50 mg 1 pm,
Sonata 10 mg bed X, Tamoxifen 20 mgs, Spironolactone 50 mg 2 per day. With
insurance it cost me 20% 275.00 per month and Insurance paid $650.00 per
month, now I have to find an indigent program that helps pay for my
medications. I keep asking if any of the meds. I take cause bone pain but in
all my research none do.
What a fun life we live from pill to pill. Beats the alternative. LOL
Carol K