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Re: [MOL] Epitheliod HemangeoEndothelioma

I read your story abought your late wife. What type of cancer is EH. I am a
breast cancer survivor, but I also suffer from chronic pain from degenerative
arthritis from work related injuries in '94. Then in '95 the injuries caused
me to develop osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease of the
spine, and spinal stenosis. I am only 56 yrs old. My bones constantly hurt
since I developed the cancer. Most of the doctors keep testing to see if the
cancer has mastastizied to my bones, but they say they can't see any cells to
verify the cancer has spread. If your wife's symptoms were the result of
delayed treatment or because the cancer was very aggressive and had
similarities as I have now please send me how you found the doctor who and
how he/she discovered the cancer in the spine? May you find peace in knowing
your wife is not suffering. I know if  and when I died, I hope my family
realizes that was the only way! I could be released for pain.
My sincere simpathy and concern
Carol K