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[MOL] DNA Predict CLL progression....

ULM, Germany--Analysis of genomic aberrations in chronic lymphocytic
leukemia patients in the early stages of their disease may help predict
With 325 consecutive B-cell CLL patients, a German team found
abnormalities in 268 (82%). The researchers used a comprehensive set of
DNA probes to evaluate aberrations by interphase cytogenetics, coming up
with about twice the detection rate of conventional chromosome-banding
After a median follow-up of 70 months, 112 of the 325 patients had died,
and the median survival of the entire group was 108 months, Dr. Hartmut
Dohner of the University of Ulm and colleagues reported in the Dec. 28
New England Journal of Medicine. The median age at diagnosis was 62.
The poorest survival from the date of diagnosis was for the 23 patients
(7%) with a 17p deletion, a median of 32 months. They had a median
treatment-free interval of only nine months. A 17p deletion affects the
p53 tumor-suppressor gene.
For the 56 patients (17%) with an 11q deletion, the median survival from
diagnosis was 79 months. It was 114 months for the 47 patients (14%) with
a 12q trisomy, and 111 months for the 57 (18%) with a normal karyotype.
For the 117 patients (36%) with a 13q deletion as the sole abnormality,
median survival was 133 months. The patients with a 13q deletion had the
longest treatment-free interval, a median of 92 months.
The 12q trisomy aberration, the most common abnormality in conventional
studies, was only the third most common with the interphase cytogenetics
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