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Re: [MOL] got a cold during Chemo from Carol K

Have you called your Oncologist? He will suggest what to do to build up your
immune system. I don't know how your body works, but I'm a breast cancer
survivor only 1 & 1/2 years, my body seems to catch every illness going
around my immune system seems to fail catching and killing germs.  I do
belong to a Bosom Buddy group and what was told to some who have had low
blood count was to call their doctor immediately. Tell the doctor how you
feel and if he is not there contact either your primary doctor or an ER
clinic and ask what they would suggest. From what I've experienced myself we
are so used to getting colds flu's and dealing with the ailments ourselves
that we have the same mentality when we have cancer. The difference is that
our bodies are not functioning appropriately, so we need our doctor to know
even little things like colds, constipation, etc.
Let me know what he suggest or treats you with. Hope your feeling better soon.
Agape' a fellow cancer survivor  Carol K