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1. Journal Summary
Angiogenic Factor Predicts Recurrence in Stage...
Italian researchers have shown that the angiogenic factor vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is inversely related to event-free survival in stage...
Post Date: 07/25/2000, Relevancy: 80.00%
2. Diagnosis & Staging
Doctors refer to cancer as being in “stages.” The stages generally range from 0 to IV, depending on how much the cancer has spread. The lower...
Post Date: 04/28/2000, Relevancy: 45.24%
3. Regular Screening Urged as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Kicks Off
WASHINGTON - If colorectal screening became a routine part of medical practice, about half of the 56,000 Americans who die each year from the disease could...
Post Date: 03/01/2000, Relevancy: 17.80%
4. Drug Trio Improves Care for Colon Cancer
New drug combination raises the bar for standard colorectal cancer treatment.
Post Date: 09/27/2000, Relevancy: 9.30%
5. Gender, Other Factors May Influence Colon Cancer Patients’ Response...
Factors including gender and tumor type and location may help doctors determine which colorectal cancer patients will benefit from chemotherapy.
Post Date: 05/25/2000, Relevancy: 9.30%
6. Bias Found Against Chemo for Older Colon Cancer Patients
Older patients with advanced colon cancer may be denied chemotherapy because of age biases among physicians and even among the patients themselves, a recent...
Post Date: 03/02/2000, Relevancy: 9.30%
7. Prognosis After Colon Cancer Surgery Worse for Blacks
Earlier screening and better medical treatment could prolong the length of time African-Americans remain disease-free following surgery for colon cancer...
Post Date: 11/16/1999, Relevancy: 9.30%
8. Colon Cancer
Along with cancer of the rectum, colon cancer is the third most common cancer in both men and women in the United States.
Post Date: 11/01/1999, Relevancy: 9.30%
9. Over Time, Quality of Life Improves for Colon Cancer Survivors
Colon cancer patients who achieve a long-term remission eventually experience a relatively high quality of life (QOL), although the first few years after...
Post Date: 03/17/2000, Relevancy: 8.90%
10. CT Scans for Colon Cancer Patients May Prevent Second Surgery
Researchers find an overall cost savings for pre-surgery CT scans in patients with colon cancer.
Post Date: 06/23/2000, Relevancy: 8.75%
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