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[MOL] Learning about cancer in general....


While there is a general correlation of the number of positive nodes is

GENERALLY associated with the spread of disease -- once there are =


nodes (e.g. 3-4 or more), then the individual is a Stage III or IV. The

later the stage, the harder the disease is to treat (because there is =


disease and there is the precedence of secondary/metastatic disease. To =


knowledge, there is no correlation between the number of positive nodes =


survival time.

The same is true for the size of the primary tumor and the length of =


between recurrence or mortality. Tumors DO NOT grow to a specific size

before they become metastatic. Some very small primary tumors shed mets =


a relatively small primary tumor cell size....while other tumors seem =

to be

fairly large before metastases ARE detected (since we only know about =


when they are detected....we do not know about metastatic cells that =


and then die...because we generally do not detect them).



E. Loren Buhle, Jr., Ph.D

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