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Your father is starting to sound like my Mom.  She thinks she is dying, goes
to the ER and tells them she is dying.  She has gone to ER 9 time's within
one year and only 1 time was the heart slightly elevated; but then let me
tell you her hospital bills are much more than slightly elevated!  I can not
convince her she is certainly not dying from a heart problem.  Our latest is
she got home yesterday morning, by yesterday night she expected me to take
her to ER.  Well, I didn't.  I told her I would call her Doctor, then I told
her the Doctor said she is to take avil and go to bed that he is not coming
in to see her.  Today she is greatly improved. Go figure!  I am so happy
with your father's wonderful news and know what a tremendous relief it must
be to all of you.  Love, lillian

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