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<HTML>                              HOME-MAILERS NEEDED!<BR>
                             $300-$1000 PLUS WEEKLY<BR>
                      Simple, pleasant work...you do at home.<BR>
 Dear Friend,<BR>
  Are you seeking a rewarding second income? Would you like to set your<BR>
 own work schedule? Work the hours you choose? Earn extra income for<BR>
 your family? If so, then we may have the answer. Current statistics show<BR>
 that by the year 2010, 40-60% of the American work-force will be working<BR>
 from home. Get a jump on your future and secure a job through us. Our<BR>
 company provides a service to thousands of people and businesses across<BR>
 the United States. With your help, we can reach and provide a better<BR>
 service to more of these people and businesses, faster and at a lower cost<BR>
 than our competitors. We handle a marketing program called the<BR>
 Home-Mailers Program, which consists of envelope processing and mailing.<BR>
 These positions require no special skills or experience, just a sincere desire<BR>
                            YOU CAN EARN GOOD MONEY!!!<BR>
  Potential incomes range from $300 to $1000 weekly or more. Pay rate is<BR>
 based on a $2.00 per envelope basis. The average Home-Mailer<BR>
 stuffs anywhere from 150 to 500 envelopes a week, depending on the<BR>
 amount of free time they have available. The envelopes you process will<BR>
 make you a substantial income. You'll find this work, done easily and<BR>
 quickly, can double or even triple your income. With just one or two hours<BR>
 per day you will be excitedly surprised at how easy we've made it and how<BR>
 profitable this work actually is. You can earn enough money working in<BR>
 your spare time to purchase that new car or boat you've been wanting,<BR>
 pay off credit cards, bills, or even take a vacation. Maybe just add more<BR>
 financial security for yourself or your family. Whatever the reason, you<BR>
 can't go wrong.<BR>
  You can start the same day you receive our materials and begin receiving<BR>
 money within a matter of days. These positions require no prior experience<BR>
 or special skills. Under contract you will receive everything you need to get<BR>
 you up and running as fast as possible. Paychecks are mailed out<BR>
 every two weeks on the 1st and 16th of the month.<BR>
                         HELP SOLVE YOUR MONEY PROBLEMS<BR>
  If you are looking for an excellent extra income to relieve financial<BR>
 pressures, you owe it to yourself to investigate this program. Naturally, no<BR>
 company can afford to send out costly materials to everyone who writes in<BR>
 asking for it. Therefore, we must ask each applicant for a one time application<BR>
 processing fee of $10.00. This fee covers processing and the materials you<BR>
 will receive upon your acceptance and is returned to you with your first<BR>
 paycheck. It also assures us that you are serious about working with our<BR>
 company as a Home-Mailer. We will not ask or require you to pay us for any<BR>
 additional information, instructions, or materials to stay with us, and stay with<BR>
 us as long as you desire. If for any reason you are not accepted into the<BR>
 Home-Mailers Program, your processing fee will be sent directly back to you.<BR>
 There is no hassle. However, you must act promptly. At this time we are in<BR>
 need of dependable Home-Mailers in your area, of whom may start in the very<BR>
 near future. There are only a limited number of positions needed for each<BR>
 region of the country and as soon as we have enough people to complete the<BR>
 mailing needs in your area we will not be offering any more applications. We<BR>
 need your help now! So if you're a productive, positive person we're looking<BR>
 forward to working with you.<BR>
  If this sounds like something you might be interested in, read on. If<BR>
 not, thank you for your time. We hope to hear from you soon.<BR>
 Sincerely Yours,<BR>
 Ron M. Jenkins<BR>
 Home-Mailing Division Manager<BR>
 Start earning now. Here's what you need to do.<BR>
 (1) Read, complete, and return the attached application.<BR>
 (2) Enclose a one time processing fee of $10.00.<BR>
 (3) All correspondence and materials will be addressed to you.<BR>
 Please open all packages and/or envelopes the same day they<BR>
 (4) Follow all instructions when processing and mailing.<BR>
 (5) Following instructions, you will need to fold and place our<BR>
 brochures and/or information pamphlets in pre-stamped envelopes<BR>
 and send. If you find yourself pressed for time, you can stop work with<BR>
 us and come back at a later date, but we must insist you maintain a<BR>
 high level of quality when processing and mailing.<BR>
           There is a way to earn a substantial income at home...<BR>
                       The Home-Mailers Program.<BR>
                     YOUR SERVICES ARE NEEDED NOW.<BR>
 Please Respond Today! Positions are limited and time can affect<BR>
 your acceptance for desired positions.<BR>
 Last Name:____________________  First Name:______________________<BR>
 Mailing Address:________________________________________________<BR>
 City:____________________________ State:_______________________<BR>
 Zip Code:______________________<BR>
 Home Tel.#: (_______)________-_________  Age:______<BR>
 Date of Birth:_____/_____/______<BR>
 Do you work more than 40 hours per week?  [  ] Yes  [  ]  No<BR>
 (READ AND SIGN BELOW) By signing, I state that I am interested in<BR>
 becoming a Home-Mailer for your company and wish to have all of the<BR>
 necessary materials and instructions sent to me at the above address.<BR>
 Signature____________________________  Date:_____/_____/_____<BR>
 Code # TG0795<BR>
 **PLEASE NOTE: We are currently over-staffed in the state of Indiana<BR>
 and are no longer offering positions there until further notice.**<BR>
 **Processing fee must be in US FUNDS ONLY please.**<BR>
 *If applicant is under 18 have a guardian sign above and indicate<BR>
 age of applicant.<BR>
 *If you don't have access to a printer, you may copy the application<BR>
 onto regular notebook paper. Please use pen. (NOTE: Please be sure to<BR>
 include the Code # on your application. Applications without a Code #<BR>
 can not be processed.)<BR>
 *All fees are one time fees. You will not be required, asked, or need<BR>
 to pay us any other fees to stay with us and stay as long as you<BR>
 like. All potential pay rates are Guaranteed!<BR>
 *Please note that personal checks may be held up to 30 days for<BR>
 bank clearance. If you are eager to get started, you should use a<BR>
 Money Order for your processing fee.<BR>
 Send Application and a<BR>
 $10.00 Check or Money Order made payable to National Advertising to:<BR>
 National Advertising Distributors<BR>
 P.O. Box 510<BR>
 Portage, IN 46368<BR>
  Because we are a company recruiting people from the public we must<BR>
 assure you that we are the BEST company to work with and that we provide<BR>
 the MOST PROFITABLE income. Because we require an initial fee to get<BR>
 started, many people are skeptical, and miss out on a great opportunity.<BR>
 This fee covers our expenses for materials, postage, handling, and the time<BR>
 it takes us to get you started. It also assures us that you are serious about<BR>
 working with the Home-Mailers Program. We know that current Home-<BR>
 Mailers are happy and making an excellent income just from reading their<BR>
 testimonials. This makes us happy and enables us to succeed and continue<BR>
 our success together. Here are just a couple of the many testimonials<BR>
 received from Home-Mailers:<BR>
  I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity<BR>
 to work for your company. It couldn't have come along<BR>
 at a better time. The work is so simple and the pay is<BR>
 incredible. My wife and I have been stuffing envelopes<BR>
 together part-time and are exceeding what either of us<BR>
 make at our full-time jobs. Thanks again!<BR>
                       J. Thomas ------ Miami, FL<BR>
 Thank you for everything! I was having trouble<BR>
 making ends meet at my present employment. But<BR>
 thanks to you and your Home-Mailers Program, I was<BR>
 able to pay off some old bills and put money in the<BR>
 bank. Now I'm looking forward to taking a well<BR>
 deserved vacation.<BR>
                       M. Daniels ----- Seattle, WA<BR>
 Why do we need Home-Mailers? The cost of supplying an office is more<BR>
 expensive than most people may think. The cost of office space per square<BR>
 foot, + taxes employing mailing staff, + taxes employing supervisors, +<BR>
 taxes, medical insurance, dental insurance, and office liability insurance,<BR>
 multiplied by each region we cover, all involving paperwork, accountants<BR>
 Your role in our company is as an Independent Commission Mailer, not an<BR>
 employee. We will not take taxes from your paychecks and we cannot offer<BR>
 medical or dental insurance. As a Home-Mailer, your residence and many<BR>
 other aspects of everyday living can be declared business expenses.<BR>
 Receive cash-back on your taxes! You may request copies of personal<BR>
 materials at any time at no charge to yourself. Some photocopying of<BR>
 correspondence may be needed. All business can be done by mail, from<BR>
 your own home. You can start the same day you receive our materials and<BR>
 begin receiving money within days and have a steady income as long<BR>
 as you desire. You will be supplied the envelopes which will already be<BR>
 stamped and addressed. These positions require no prior experience or<BR>
 special skills. There are many distribution companies who want to expand<BR>
 their businesses, but do not want to pay the higher expenses. It is much<BR>
 easier to have independent Home-Mailers earn money doing this work<BR>
 themselves. This program is designed to help people cash in with<BR>
 companies who need Home-Mailers. The Home-Mailers Program has been<BR>
 perfected so that it has become one of the most successful and profitable<BR>
 programs ever and is supplying people around the world with excellent<BR>
 primary and secondary incomes. We invite you to take part in our success.<BR>
 The money you earn is up to you. We do not require that you mail a certain<BR>
 number of envelopes each week. You can take on whatever amount of<BR>
 business that fits your schedule and you can stop whenever you want, there<BR>
 are no obligations. This work mainly consists of the securing of envelopes<BR>
 through advertising and simple envelope stuffing. No need to do any selling<BR>
 or phone soliciting and envelopes come postage paid and addressed.<BR>
 You may work in the comfort of your own home, choose your own hours, set<BR>
 your own pace. No need to leave your present job. Form workshops with<BR>
 your friends or get the whole family to join in. The possibilities are<BR>
                           DUE TO COMPANY EXPANSION<BR>
                         YOUR SERVICES ARE NEEDED NOW.<BR>
                Thank you, and we're looking forward to working<BR>
                      with you, together in the future.<BR>
  Our research indicated you would have interest in this material.<BR>
 If not, you do NOT have to send a "remove" reply.  This is intended<BR>
 to be a one-time offer. The reply e-mail address does not respond to<BR>
 inquiries. To respond to this message, please use the contact info<BR>
 within the message itself. Thank you. <BR>

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