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[MOL] Wonder of Wonders!

God is a WONDER - I am truly in great awe of His Power!  To Marty & Barb: all 
the prayers in Israel at the Holy Sepulchre by my "Jewish brother" must have 
pleased God's heart when he saw the sacrifice you made by taking my prayer 
there.  To the Molers: your red hotline phone must be smoking, even melted by 
now! :)  To Maya: thank you, dear sister in suffering, for your very special 
heartfelt prayers too and I also likewise pray that your father is improving.

The therapist came to see my father today, and the nurse yesterday.  The onc, 
the heart specialist, the therapist all said there is NO reason he shouldn't 
be walking as good as new in a month -- IF he is a good boy and does all the 
physical therapy.  The therapist will come once a week for four weeks and 
expects my father to be going strong by the end of that time.  The onc said 
NO cancer; the heart doc said NO heart problems; the therapist said GOOD 
HEALTHY BONES. It has lightened his mood from the basement to the attic!  

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