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[MOL] Re: Stage T2 N1 Lung Cancer

My wife has decided not to have chemotherapy after her lobectomy.  The reason 
being the small improvement expected (at best), her prior medical condition 
and her age.
Our next appointment with the surgeon is in May six monthes after her 
surgery. At the moment only an x-ray is scheduled. 
I am wondering what if anything should be done in the interim.  For example 
would a full body CAT scan be useful in identifying any metastis that has 
taken place?  Or, would a Positron Emission Topography be wise?  
In part the question relates to the technology and in part to the question 
ofmwhat do you do if it reveals  the cancer has spread?  And, I guess that 
depends on where it has spread to.
Any advise would be helpful on how to proceed, as we wait!
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