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[MOL] Cancer Diagnosis Prompts Women to Eat Healthy

Oh, yeah, now is the time to remind us of a healthy diet!! Oh
well...tomorrow! Love and prayers, Joicy

Cancer Diagnosis Prompts Women to Eat Healthy
    [12/26/2000; Reuters Health]

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Many women adopt the
philosophy that it is ``better later than never'' to use
a healthy diet as a way to lower disease risk, study findings
suggest. According to the report in the European Journal of Clinical
Nutrition, many women reduced their intake of animal fat, sugar
and red meat; ate more fruits and vegetables; and took dietary
supplements after they received a diagnosis of breast cancer. While
only about 9% of 123 Finnish women surveyed believed that an
unhealthy diet had contributed to their disease, nearly 32% changed
their dietary habits after they were diagnosed. Younger women
and those with higher levels of education were more likely to
adopt a healthy diet, investigators report. In an interview with
Reuters Health, study author Dr. Hanna Lagstrom, from the University
of Turku, Finland, explained that a diagnosis of breast cancer
causes a woman to re-think her lifestyle. ``Health issues become
more important and patients seek a way to influence their own
well-being apart from what is provided by doctors,'' she said.
``It is not unusual for patients to seek extravagant diets or
use alternative healing approaches.'' The study also points to
a need for dietary information. Indeed, less than 20% of women
received nutrition advice from doctors and nurses and only 11%
were advised by dietitians. One third of women surveyed took
advice from the mass media.

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