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[MOL] Home Care Improves Satisfaction And Quality of Life

Home Care Improves Satisfaction And Quality of Life
    [12/26/2000; Reuters Health]

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Although it costs more than traditional
healthcare, home care improves the satisfaction and quality of
life for both patients and their caregivers, researchers report. In
a study, Dr. Susan Hughes from the University of Illinois at
Chicago, and colleagues compared the quality of life, satisfaction
with care, and cost of treatment for home-based care with that
of customary care for nearly 2,000 patients discharged from one
of 16 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers. Terminally ill patients
in home-based care experienced greater improvement in their health-related
quality of life than did other patients, according to the report
in the December 13th issue of The Journal of the American Medical
Association (news - web sites). However, similar differences
were not seen among the non-terminally ill patients. In contrast,
patient satisfaction among the non-terminally ill was higher
in home care-treated patients than in traditionally-treated patients,
the authors report, whereas terminally ill patients showed no
differences in satisfaction between the two treatment approaches.
Though home care did nothing to reduce the disability or lower the death
rates of patients, caregivers of home-care patients consistently
rated the treatment higher than did caregivers of conventionally-treated

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