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[MOL] New Efforts Against an Old Foe: Pain

It's about time...love and prayers, Joicy

New Efforts Against an Old Foe: Pain
    [12/26/2000; New York Times (Free Registration Required)]

Last January, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare
Organizations, which accredits the majority of the country's medical
facilities, developed new mandatory standards for the assessment and
treatment of pain. It was the first time that the Joint Commission or any
other accrediting body had issued standards focusing on pain, or any
specific symptom.

By next month, surveyors will begin scoring pain management programs
and applying the results in accreditation.

"Institutions are scrambling now to figure out how they are going to meet
the standards and what they need to do to properly deal with patients in
pain," said Jim Guest, executive director of the American Pain
Foundation, a consumer advocacy group based in Baltimore. "Over time
the standards will get patients better care and less pain."

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