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Re: [MOL] chemotherapy for Stage III colon cancer /REPLY


Thank you for your responce regarding my father.  We are in Los Angeles and 
our oncologist is at Cedar's Sinai Hospital, a Dr. Fred Rosenfelt.  If you 
can check him out I would appreciate it.  My father just started therapy 
today, it is for 5 days out of 28 day cycle for 6 months.  5FU and Leucovoran 
?  What do you mean by 3 prong and 2 prong?  I am led to believe that this is 
the standard chemo for colon cancer.  I have heard of CPT-11 but I thought 
that was for when the first attempt is not responsive.  Please tell me 
more...I am just beginning to learn more about all of this.  My father is 
about 6 weeks out of surgery, tumor penetrated bowel wall but there is no 
visible spread to liver and lymph nodes came back negative. I could use all 
the help I can get....thanks.
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