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[MOL] Chris-

Dearest, Chris, I have been following your messages about your father, and
wishing so badly that there was something somehow that I could say or do to
ease your pain. I do not know how you're handling it all. Well, actually,
yes, I do know, but I know it is still very, very hard. Please know that
you, your dad, and your family are indeed in my prayers, today and every
day, Chris. Wish I could give you a humongous hug right now...will you
accept a huge {{{{{{cyberhug?}}}}}}} Love and many prayers, Joicy

> Oh, Joicy, how perfect your msg was - as always, but it hit home like a stone
> from a slingshot aimed at my heart!
> My father is lying in bed since he came home from the hosp on Friday
> afternoon!  He wouldn't even try to come downstairs and is willing himself to
> die (again).  To make matters worse, the Visiting Nurse that was supposed to
> come on Saturday morning canceled and said she would come after Christmas
> (tomorrow) instead.  All this time they have not understood his medications
> and he will not get out of bed.  Please pray for him and for our family; it's
> undoubtedly the saddest Christmas we have ever had, and we've had some very
> bad ones in the past.  -chris

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