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Re: [MOL] CancerNet Colon and Rectal Cancer/EMMA!

Dear Lillian,

Happy holidays !!!

Thank you for all these wonderful information.

My sister will start chemo and radiation after she is
discharged from hospital.  She is supposed to have 
5-FU and CPT-11.

She is not seeing a top notch doctor instead she is
staying in a community hospital.  Today we finally
convinced her to have a second opinion.  Do you have
any top notch doctor or cancer center that you
recommend ?

Thanks again for all these info and so kind to us.

--- Lillian <> wrote:
> This site is really good on explaining rectal cancer
> and it's treatments.
> Emma:  You may wish to go into our archives there
> has been many abstracts on  colon and rectal cancer.
>  What treatment is your sisters doctors
> recommending?  Is she going to a top notch Cancer
> Center?  Has she considered a trial?  Do they know
> where else the cancer is?  Boy what a Christmas
> present.  You will get information on caregiving and
> please know that no question is a dumb questions. 
> We are here to walk you through this journey and to
> support you; so that you can be the best caregiver
> any sister ever had.  Warmly, lillian

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