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Re: [MOL] My Father, the latest from Chris from Carol K carol again

Carol K,

Thank you for your email.

I will pray for you.

Take care,
--- wrote:
> Don't forget to send a little prayer for me I will
> loose my insurance on Jan 
> 5th, because the company my husband works because it
> is bankrupt.
> Unfortunately I am a high risk insurance needing
> person. Work related 
> injuries since 94, 95 degenerative arthritis in
> spine, fibromyalgia, 
> osteoarthritis in all joints and bone pain could be
> mastastized breast cancer 
> cells, breast cancer, immune system dysfunctional,
> Last but not least due 
> clinical depression, PTSD past survived when chronic
> pain caused suicidal 
> ideas and plans and life with one pit-hole after
> another.
> Small world I used to work at a Psy hospital for
> children 6 to 18 years of 
> age I was the teacher. SLD and Elem. Ed. Now I can't
> even spell or think. I 
> take so many kinds of medications. I hate them but
> they work. I truly believe 
> if I could return to work, I'd be much happier. No
> one wants me! I'm too much 
> of a risk. Just when they finally opened a self
> contained school for the EH 
> and chronic delinquent children. Oh well sorry to
> burden you with this mess, 
> but I needed some therapeutic soothing myself Happy
> Holidays anyway or what 
> ever your plans are for the weekend. Carol K

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