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Re: [MOL] My Father, the latest from Chris from Carol K carol again

Don't forget to send a little prayer for me I will loose my insurance on Jan
5th, because the company my husband works because it is bankrupt.
Unfortunately I am a high risk insurance needing person. Work related
injuries since 94, 95 degenerative arthritis in spine, fibromyalgia,
osteoarthritis in all joints and bone pain could be mastastized breast cancer
cells, breast cancer, immune system dysfunctional, Last but not least due
clinical depression, PTSD past survived when chronic pain caused suicidal
ideas and plans and life with one pit-hole after another.
Small world I used to work at a Psy hospital for children 6 to 18 years of
age I was the teacher. SLD and Elem. Ed. Now I can't even spell or think. I
take so many kinds of medications. I hate them but they work. I truly believe
if I could return to work, I'd be much happier. No one wants me! I'm too much
of a risk. Just when they finally opened a self contained school for the EH
and chronic delinquent children. Oh well sorry to burden you with this mess,
but I needed some therapeutic soothing myself Happy Holidays anyway or what
ever your plans are for the weekend. Carol K