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Re: [MOL] My Father, the latest from Chris from Carol K

Thanks, Carol.  I do believe depression is part of the overall problem - it 
has to be when faced with looming life changes as my father has had to do.  
Virginia is already in touch with social services at the hospital and I work 
for a mental health counseling agency; I do intake there, deal with 
information processing (computer) -- and every other damned thing that no one 
else wants to do.

The encouraging thing is that both his mother and his sister, my Aunt Emma, 
both were faced with periods that they could not walk for some time.  My 
grandmother had a massive stroke at 80 yrs and left one side paralyzed.  Six 
months later she was about 85% restored and lived 10 more years.  My aunt was 
severly injured in a head-on collison and could not walk for two years 
(loaned my father the walker); she goes to Sr Citizen dances and has a new 
date every week!  So I am by no means giving up hope on my father.  I must 
admit though, had he followed his doc's advice a YEAR ago when she insisted 
he should be getting physical therapy on a regular basis, - he adamantly 
refused - he probably wouldn't be facing this uphill climb now.  The problem 
is keeping his spirit in good shape!  THAT is a major undertaking as he just 
gets infuriated at the family.  PRAYERS URGENTLY NEEDED.  

By the way, our Marty and Barb (Auslander) are now in Bethlehem carrying 
prayer requests to the Holy Sepulchre.  He said he would be there Christmas 
Eve and would leave the written prayer requests at the shrine.  -chris
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