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[MOL] Colon Cancer Abstracts....

HASHIDA H, Takabayashi A, Adachi M, et al.
The novel monoclonal antibody MH8-4 inhibiting cell motility recognizes integrin alpha3: inverse of its expression with metastases
in colon cancer.
Int J Oncol 2001;18:89-95.

Abstract: http://www.amedeo.com/lit.cfm?uid=A11115543&aid=B120234&dopt=r&s=crn

KATSUMATA K, Sumi T, Yamashita S, et al.
The significance of thymidine phosphorylase expression in colorectal cancer.
Oncol Rep 2001;8:127-130.

Abstract: http://www.amedeo.com/lit.cfm?uid=A11115583&aid=B120234&dopt=r&s=crn

SCHIMANSKI CC, Linnemann U, Arbogast R, Berger MR.
Extended staging results from the detection of isolated tumor cells in the liver of colorectal cancer patients.
Oncol Rep 2001;8:185-188.

Abstract: http://www.amedeo.com/lit.cfm?uid=A11115595&aid=B120234&dopt=r&s=crn

TAYLOR MT, Lawson KR, Ignatenko NA, et al.
Sulindac sulfone inhibits K-ras-dependent cyclooxygenase-2 expression in human colon cancer cells.
Cancer Res 2000;60:6607-10.

Abstract: http://www.amedeo.com/lit.cfm?uid=A11118042&aid=B120234&dopt=r&s=crn

KIEVIT E, Nyati MK, Ng E, et al.
Yeast cytosine deaminase improves radiosensitization and bystander effect by 5-fluorocytosine of human colorectal cancer xenografts.
Cancer Res 2000;60:6649-55.

Abstract: http://www.amedeo.com/lit.cfm?uid=A11118048&aid=B120234&dopt=r&s=crn

ADRIS S, Chuluyan E, Bravo A, et al.
Mice vaccination with interleukin 12-transduced colon cancer cells potentiates rejection of syngeneic non-organ-related tumor cells.
Cancer Res 2000;60:6696-703.

Abstract: http://www.amedeo.com/lit.cfm?uid=A11118055&aid=B120234&dopt=r&s=crn

LLANEZA A, Vizoso F, Rodriguez JC, et al.
Hyaluronic acid as prognostic marker in resectable colorectal cancer.
Br J Surg 2000;87:1690-6.

Abstract: http://www.amedeo.com/lit.cfm?uid=A11122186&aid=B120234&dopt=r&s=crn