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[MOL] My Father - the latest - from Chris

My father came home from the hospital yesterday, but they are really having a 
tough time of it.  He can barely walk even with a walker, but once he is up, 
he *can* walk from the bedroom to the bathroom or the living room to the 
kitchen and back.  He has to sit to ascend and descend the steps one at a 
time.  Then after sitting on the floor, he can't raise his body to stand up 
again.  He was on the bedroom floor for an hour last night before Virginia 
could get her son to help him.  While she called and then returned to his 
room, he could lift himself enough to toss his body across the bed, but 
didn't have the strength to even change his position!  He's been in bed all 
day today because they don't know how they can get him back downstairs.  
Virginia's sons are bringing a cot downstairs (not very comfy one) so he can 
stay downstairs until/if his legs regain their strength and feeling (numbness 
and weakness).

I was very angry today because Virginia said (on the phone): "I guess the 
next step is a wheelchair; this isn't getting any better!"  I PRAY my father 
didn't hear those words of hopelessness.  His inability to walk (in the hosp) 
was the reason he gave for wanting to die - and to even take his own life.  

The physical therapist canceled her home visit this morning and won't come 
until the 26th.  Visiting Nurses will also be coming to the home.

That is the latest.  -chris
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