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Re: [MOL] Medical Regorm....Expanded prescription drug coverag....

Deb, The company that is ready to drop me when my husband's company is
completely bankrupt is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. I called 4
government agencies trying to find a Dept. of Insurance and never found one.
Finally I E-mailed the Governor of the State to see if he would help. I'll
see if he even answers my request. The Dept. of Insurance in Fla. said they
should be offering me a conversion program or COBRA but the BCBS of Al
refuses to do anything. Today I had to tell my Pain Management doctor that I
couldn't have the lumbar injection we have been working up to since Aug.
2000. I have had 5 epidural steroid injections since Aug to locate the right
nerve that was one of my chronic pains, sciatic severe chronic pain. I also
have degenerating disks in every joint except my ankles. Also spinal
stenosis, herniated disks and possible breast cancer mastastic bo! ne cancer
doctors have been scanning for the past year I'm only 1 1/2 years into the
breast cancer so it's to soon for the cells to be visible so they tell me.
Thank you for the kind note it helps to know I'm not totally alone, Lillian
sent me some good e-mail addresses and agencies to call tomorrow. Otherwise I
will join the millions of uninsured.  Best Holidays to you and your family I
hope you have a happy time. Despite my problems I still believe thing will
get better even though the chronic/acute pain tries to steal all of our
Agape' Carol K