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Re: [MOL] Ken update/Reply to Peggy

I was sorry to hear your husband falling asleep problem and falling.  No doubt that was a big scare for you friend and I pray they get it all under control el pronto.  Keep us posted and hang tough yourself.  Warmly, lillian
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Hi everyone,
We've had a few rough spots lately.  Ken has taken to falling asleep wherever and whenever.  Yesterday morning he made coffee about 4:30 am and picked up the coffeepot and immediately feel asleep, found himself across the room on the floor.  By the time he came and woke me he was pretty upset, didn't burn himself but he had banged his head.  He made an appt with doctor, who then sent us to the pulmonologist (lung dr) who decided Ken's lung was again filling with fluid (he gets congestive heart failure because heart doesn't want to pump fluid efficiently) so he drained over a liter (abt a gallon our terms) out of his lung.  The lung has to reinflate so its pretty uncomfortable for a while.  Put him on three more meds for keeping his broncs and lungs open and putting him on sometype of non-invasive thing for sleep.  Something like people with sleep apnea I guess.  Ken feels better but he sure has been having a time of it.  His spirits seem to stay up most of the time, but then we get to the gloom and doom part occasionally.  He's returning a pair of fleece birthday pants because he says what if he gains back his weight in the next 6 months they won't fit.  Now that's optimistic and I'm thrilled.
Love ya