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Re: [MOL] Medical Regorm....Expanded prescription drug coverag....

What a joke. I just found out that my husband's company is bankrupt and will
close in 1-2 weeks. I will not have any insurance so I called several
companies to see if I could get a policy. When they had a hard time
concealing their laughter. I couldn't get coverage at any price. So what good
is a tax break. I have breast cancer and am not involved in treatment, also I
have been receiving treatments for severe chronic pain due to injuries at
work (workmen's compensation company also went bankrupt in Mar 2000) and
spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, herniated disks and osteoarthritis all other
joints plus I have bone pain since the breast cancer which all doctors have
been watching in the event of mastastic breast cancer to bone.
Now I will have no treatments and no medications. I truly believe we are
going to go back to the way it was 8 years ago only there is a real threat of
war. The new Russian ruler Putin ?Spelling has visited Cuba and other
countries that are at odds with USA. Scary   
Carol Kolefas