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I was wondering if anyone has any info on bladder cancer.  My mom was 
diagnosed in the spring of last year.  She has had surgery to remove the 
bladder, unfortunately, the tumor had spread, so the lymph nodes were removed 
instead and she now has a urostoscopy(?) since her bladder is not functional. 
 She's been undergoing radiation & chemo for 41/2 months.  She has a month 
off of radiation now (it's been a week so far) but she seems to be in more 
pain/discomfort than before.  She has trouble walking with her right leg (we 
believe this to be due to the radiation getting to her hip).  Has anyone 
heard of this before?  Also, her back has been bothering her, aching, 
especially in one spot.  To me, it seems like she may have pulled a muscle.  
Her radiologist stated she shouldn't be in so much pain & that it is not 
caused by the treatment, so today she is going for a bone scan.  If anyone 
knows anything about this, or can send me a cancerlink with more info., I'd 
be very appreciative.  Thanks,
csw  (Christine)
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