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[MOL] Find out anything about anyone! Software

[[[[---Powerful Internet Spy Software---]]]]

Be Your Own Internet SPY & Investigate with the Best Cyber Tools!
Investigate anyone and everyone!

Access information sources just like those that are used by Professional Private Investigators. Locate, skip trace or access specialty investigative databases instantly at any Time, it's all just a few clicks away!

Hear your pick of 6 cool spy themed background musical beats for 
hours of intense surfing and spying!  

Here are a few things you will be able to search for and do:

*Missing Persons & Most Wanted Lists
*State Parole Boards, Inmates, Sex Offenders,& Prison Info 
*Military Records 
*Resources for Adoptees (Includes Databases) 
*Locate/Skip Trace Resources
*Specialty Investigative Databases
*Public Record Research 
*Federal & National Gov. Records
*Credit & Finance 
*Motor Vehicle Records 
*National and State Archives 
*Unclaimed Property & State Lottery Divisions 
*Newsgroups Search
*Surf the Web Anonymously
*Global FTP search
*Spy on People's searches (free web-tool)
*Find anyone by name or phone number!
*Look at peoples credit and criminal reports!

Look what else you can find.....

* Known criminals
* Missing people
* Businesses
* State archives
* Criminal records
* Attorney Profiles 
* FBI files
* Investigative information
* Secrets of the past
* Adoption information
* Credit information
* What people are searching for
* CIA information

This software is sent on a slick CD with a cool label it makes a perfect gift for any internet surfer or anyone who wants to find out anything about anyone! Most companies charge over $1000.00 to find the information you will be able to find! You can make this software your business or just have fun knowing all the dirt and secrets about everyone. You will love it! Find out almost everything about whoever you want!

This software is only: $29.95 + $3.00 S/H for a total of $32.95 per copy!

Bonus! You will recevie a FREE "Matrix" screen saver (Like the dripping text on the movie!) with your order! (this screen saver alone normally sells for $39.00 and it is yours free!

Print the order form below and mail it in with your check or money order made payable to STARCOM. All orders sent same day received.


__Yes send me the "SPY SOFTWARE" Plus my free bonuses! I have 
enclosed $32.95 to cover the software cost and S/H. 




Mail To: STARCOM - PO BOX 20301 - Roanoke VA 24018

This software is sold for entertainment purposes only. Any classified information you discover with it can not be used to harm or defraud anyone. You are responsible for your own actions and we will not be held liable for misuse of any information you find by using our powerful spy software. There is no refund for opened software, however if the software is defective we will replace it with like software.

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