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Re: [MOL] Roses Carol!

The trial was moved back to January 15th, he got a new lawyer.  At least we can get through the holiday season.  Right now their birth father is here, leaving tomorrow and will return for the trial.  He had not seen his children in almost nine years; but he has been very supportive these past three weeks and I think a guardian angel moved him.
Glad your husband is doing pretty good, wish he would drink more liquids.In fact more liquids just may help your headache also.  It takes time to get the medication residue out of your systems and water makes it act faster. How everybody's livers doing?  Yikes, I never thought I would be asking someone that question; but it is good to cleanse the liver as this is where toxic tends to sit and damage.
How are the teens doing?  Are you ready for the holiday?  I am slowly but surely getting to the point of being ready.  I hope it is a good one for you friend, warmly, lillian