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Re: [MOL] Roses Carol! LILLIAN !!!

Lillian .... Michael has made it 5 weeks now on the Rebetrol / Inferon combo.
 He is still working, but really really tired, headaches, achy ... kind of
like the flu.  Lots of naps & sleeps alot.  Perhaps if he drank even a
portion of liquid that he is supposed to it would help?  He is to have 3
liters of water & clear liquid / day, and an extra cup for every cup of
coffee he drinks.  Well, he drinks a pot of coffee and maybe (and that is
stretching it really far) a litre of water / juice.  I feel bad for him, but
if we don't help ourselves ...... ya know how that goes.  If I go beat my
head against the wall & get a headache it anyone gonna feel bad for me ?  I
think not !

I have hit past my 6 weeks and the headaches (even without hitting the wall)
have been right on schedule.  Sometimes they really knock me for a loop, but
I just consider it a good sign that the tumors are shrinking, right ?  They
seem to be lessening a little.  My Christmas wish is for a clear MRI in
January, my hair to start growing back & the headaches to go away !  Try to
stuff that one in the stocking !  LOL

How are you doing ?  And any word on the trial ?

Happy Holidays !