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[MOL] To Mol: Lillian, Tami, & Pat

Thank you all for those "smokin' red hot smoke signals you're all sending up 
to the Heavens for us.  I know God loves your prayers, so am relying heavily 
that He will hear them and help us all down here.

My father objected strongly to going to the hosp.  He was so very sick these 
past two-three weeks and getting worse daily.  All that time the onc was 
still giving him his chemo without regard to his worsening condition.  
FINALLY she noted how ill he was and against his wishes, ordered that he be 
admitted (her office is across the street from the hosp).  I think he was 
"planning" to die, thinking that he would rather die from pneumonia or blood 
clots than from the cancer.  The cancer is GONE - there's no reason for him 
to be like this, other than side-effects and depression.  But he insists that 
he will only be well temporarily then have to face this again.  I must 
confess I understand his fear, disappointment, and even his wish to die.  But 
I also know that when he feels better, he will be glad he's alive.  His body 
and his lungs must be pretty strong to be fighting so hard for over three 
weeks without any anti-biotic medication and being loaded up with chemo -- 
and he is, after all, 76 years old!!!   MY body (at 48) would have given up 
with less than he's been through.

Just ranting and sharing.  God bless you all.  Have to run now.  Get ltos of 
stuff done before going to the hosp this afternoon.  -chris
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