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Re: [MOL] Taking care of the mind...

    My guru is also termianally ill with a heart lung
disease. He has not been feeling good lately so I am on hold
right now. I will be back but for now I am sitting out for
awhile. I received two more viruses today.  Hopefully he
will be over tomorrow sometime.  Take Care,  Your Friend,

Lillian wrote:

>     Dear Friends:  With cancer as with any serious
> illness, it is important that we look at the total
> picture.  This includes the  mind, body and spirit. Much
> information has been gleamed on the facts of the various
> cancers, their treatments. We must nourish the body, to
> build up the immune system and to make sure we are eating
> what is healthy for us.  A well balanced diet with plenty
> of fruits, vegetables to include dark green vegetables is
> just as important as to know what therapy is good. Often,
> we forget the spirituality or the mental health aspect of
> our journey.  Cancer raises many questions with-in us, it
> raises fear, sadness, loss of hope and more.  For this
> reason I have been working on providing as much
> information as possible to help you grow stronger in mind,
> body and spirit with each new day. Stress is our number
> one enemy and hope is our number one friend. This is the
> time of year that feeling blah is highest.  We have
> holidays upon us and along with this comes added stress.
> As caregivers we tend to do to much to make it one of the
> best holidays.  As patients we have stress because we
> can't keep up with everything or perhaps enjoy the
> wonderful food prepared for us. I have included two sites
> that I hope will be of help to you.  Warmly,
> lillian Holidays Have You Feeling Sad?
> > Does the rush of shopping, wrapping, cooking and
> cleaning have you feeling
> > blue? Are you depressed? Take our depression assessment
> and see.
> >
> >
> > Read about seasonal affective disorder.
> >
> We
> invite you to take a look at our Album.
>   ( Very
> informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and
> much more....

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